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Community up for grabs!

Hello! This is a mod post.

This community, [community profile] animations is up for grabs. I'm giving it away and hoping that someone will want to adopt it and give it a nice home with the proper love and care it deserves.

Just drop me a comment if you are interested :)
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3 Icon Posts: Big Bang Theory, Community, Psych

Animated icons in all three sets!

Big Bang Theory 3.01

3 Howard
4 Raj
2 Howard&Raj
3 Penny
4 Penny&Sheldon
13 Sheldon
2 Mary Cooper
4 Mary Cooper&Sheldon
3 Quote Icons
5 Video Icons
0 Leonard *still very upset with him* :(


In the world of emoticons, I was Colon Capital D

Community 1.01

5 Abed
3 Annie
3 Britta
5 Duncan
8 Jeff
2 Pierce
3 Shirley
5 Troy
3 Misc.
4 Animated


That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Psych 4.04, 4.05 and 4.06


...I see dead people
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First Post and Affiliates

Welcome to [community profile] animations!

If you have a community and would like to affiliate, please drop a comment here with the name of your community and I'll add it to the info page.